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LGBT+ youth are facing a challenge like never before.


If you’re a young LGBT+ person stuck in a difficult situation because of lockdown, The British LGBT Awards and It Gets Better UK want you to know that your community is here for you, and that we’re #InThisTogether.

We want to try to make things a little easier for anyone in need of help, so we’ve compiled a list of resources that are specifically aimed at young LGBT+ people in lockdown. So, whether you’re in dire need of socialisation with fellow LGBT+ folk, or if you’re having to social distance in a household with homophobic or transphobic family members, we hope you are able to find the help you need through some of the brilliant charities and projects below.


There are places you can get help. Remember, #ItGetsBetter and, no matter what, we’re #InThisTogether. Click Here for support information. 

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